Custom orders

Dena and Jane in our sewing studio at SALOON 
Our SALOON dresses are mostly made to order, limited edition or one of a kind. We encourage you to find your perfect dress by scrolling through our Home Page gallery.
Custom orders
If an item is made to order or limited edition it is available in all sizes. If it is one of a kind it is only available in the indicated size.
We may be able to custom make you a dress if it is not available in your size or is sold out. 
Custom orders will be at an additional cost. Costing depends on what fabric we have available and how detailed your requirements are.
Please note, we only make custom orders in our existing SALOON designs. 
Hemming service and alterations
Please see our sizing chart for our standard hem lengths. If you would like a shorter hem on your dress or skirt, we are happy to do this for you for $20.
If you would like further alterations to our existing designs, please call us to talk through your requirements and our pricing.
We encourage you to make personal contact with us by phone or email, as we love talking to our customers and getting to know you personally. 
Please phone Jane Magnus on  0400 280275  or email us at during business hours to talk about your custom order or your required hem length.
You can also specify your hem length in your online order.