About us


About us 
Inspired by the women who were, we make for the women who are.
If the Saloons of old were for prospectors, trappers, and cowboys, then we’re for the wise, the wild, and work-hardy –the muses and the matriarchs, the artists and entrepreneurs, the divas and daydreamers…
Saloon is rebellious but beautiful, practical but playful. These are clothes made for getting stuff done, and feeling fabulous while doing it. 
Saloon Design House is a collaboration between renowned dressmaker Dena Pharaoh-Pezzano and designer Jane Magnus. The venture celebrates what they love about life in their rural town of Braidwood, Australia – the fresh air, the freedom, the women of the town’s past and present. Their atmospheric imagery celebrates local women in Saloon finery across Braidwood’s evocative landscapes and interiors.
Drawing from counter-culture across the decades, the look of Saloon is femininity with a feminist edge – or ‘liberated prairie’.  Their signature look is street sweeping tailored dresses with pockets and frills. They also make high-waisted skirts, luxurious shirts, reversible vests and other beautiful dresses.
All pieces are made in-house, combining iconic Liberty of London florals, organic cotton, wool, velvets, silk as well as rare collected fabrics and trims. This is no fashion mill - pieces are either one-offs or strictly limited edition with a focus on achieving the perfect fit that can be worn for years to come.  
Dena Pharaoh-Pezzano
About our dressmaker Dena Pharaoh-Pezzano
Dressmaker, fashion designer and teacher Dena Pharaoh-Pezzano has worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years. Dena’s own label Dena Pezzano was sold in stores throughout Australia and her work in fashion and film continues to be highly sought after. Specialising in pattern making and couture dressmaking, Dena is a finely skilled dressmaker who is passionate about the practical skills of designing and dressmaking and passing her hands-on experience to others. As the person who makes all of SALOON's clothes, Dena is also a valued mentor and champion of ethical fashion production. 
Jane Magnus
About our designer Jane Magnus 
Designer and cutter, Jane Magnus loves designing beautiful, timeless dresses to be worn everyday.  In her various professional & personal roles Jane has always loved the way people creatively express themselves through fashion. She is particularly interested in understanding fashion through art history, literature, film, culture, social justice and ethical fashion production.
 Some of our Braidwood locals!
About our Braidwood community 
"It takes a community to raise a label" and that is certainly the case here at SALOON! We are surrounded by a wonderful bunch of creative women in our  little country town called Braidwood who have helped us raise SALOON at every stage. From awesome street fashion inspiration, PR work, website design, performances, photography, and of course modelling, SALOON is truly inspired by and born from the local women in this town. We love you! xxx
Braidwood and Sydney Photographers
Asha Kidd, Natasha Anne Foster, Kelly Sturgiss, Sky Mazurkiewicz, Gael McKenzie, Rose Ricketson
Braidwood Models
Asha, AJ, Karuna, Lucy, Meagan, Georgie, Charli, Ruby, Sophie, Lizzie, Lara, Toe, Yolande, Olivia, Emmy, Danni, Nicola, Grace, Nigel, Surya, Gill, Zac, Leila, Cat.
Braidwood photo locations
Bedervale Historic Homestead, designed by architect John Verge in the 1830s
Mona Farm, Braidwood Wilsons Hill, Mount Jillamatong 
Website design
Rose Ricketson and Jane Magnus