Pasha Ottoman Dress One size fits most


Pasha Ottoman dress

One size fits most

Inspired by the opulence of the Ottoman Empire, this dress is trans-seasonal and lavish in fabric, detailing and sizing. Legend has it that Ottoman fashion was a symbol of freedom from traditional expectations for women in the 18th Century. Worn all year round, flowing loosely with layers or tied closely to show the female figure this Ottoman dress celebrates the influence of the East on the West. Made from Liberty London fabric with a plunging velvet neckline and cuffs, this dress is a one size fits most and includes our signature pockets.

100% Liberty London Tana lawn cotton

Velvet cotton details


Velvet and lace detailing

Loose fit

High waist design ties

One size fits most 8-14

Deep pockets

Long street sweeper frill

SALOON patch

Hemming options available 




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